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Application forms

Please note that the cash office at Bayard Place closes at 2pm. If you wish to make payments over the phone via credit or debit card please mention this when contacting the Licensing Section.

The forms below can be sent to the Licensing Section in a paper format but please be aware that multiple copies will need to be sent to responsible authorities relevant to your application. Alternatively if you apply online you will not be required to send duplicate copies as the Licensing Section will action this for you.

A large amount of the applications below are available in Word format from .GOV

Temporary Event Notice (TEN)-  If you are arranging an adhoc event that will include licensable activities (sale of alcohol & entertainment) you may require a TEN. A TEN must be copied to the Police and Environmental Health unless you are applying online which you can do here. £21.00. Further information on TEN's can be found here.

Application for a Personal Licence - Please complete this form for a personal licence, this must be accompanied by the Conviction and Declaration form. For further guidance please see our Personal Licence webpage. £37.00.

New Premises Licence - This form must be used for any new premises application. Apply for a new licence online. Fees vary

Vary a Premises Licence - Please use this form to vary an existing premises licence. Apply to vary a licence online. Fees vary

Minor Variation to a Premises Licence and Club Certificate - You can make small changes to premise licences and club certificates using a minor variation. For more information on what a minor can be used for please click here. The licensing team will forward your application to a responsible authority. Apply for a minor online. £89.00

Application to Vary a Premises Licence to Specify a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) - This form is used to change the DPS for a premises and must be accompanied by a DPS Consent FormVary a DPS online £23.00

DPS Authorisation Form - This form can be used for an existing DPS to authorise members of staff in the sale of alcohol (upon instruction)

Application to Transfer a Premises Licence - Please use this form to transfer a Premises Licence, this from must be accompanied by a Transfer Consent form. Transfer a licence online. £23.00

New Club Premises Certificate - Please use this form when applying for a new club premises certificate (CPC). Please contact the Licensing Team for more information on qualifying clubs. You will also need to complete a Declaration for a Club Premises Certificate to be Granted.

Application to Vary a Club Premises Certificate - Please use this form to vary an existing CPC.

Notification of Interest in Premises - In certain circumstances you can be informed about changes to premises licences for which you have legal interest. Apply for notification online. £21.00

Interim Authority Notice - Please use this form for reinstating a lapsed licence.