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Budget 2012-2013

Peterborough City Council approved a package of investments and savings at its annual budget setting meeting on 23 February 2012.

The document below appears in Adobe® Acrobat® (PDF) format. In order to view it you will need to have Acrobat Reader installed. (Those with visual impairments may wish to investigate Access Adobe, which provides tools and information to help make PDF files more accessible). 

  Budget 2012/2013
  (954KB, 262 pages)

The measures include:

  • £73 million for Peterborough’s schools
  • £10 million for Adult Social Care
  • £16 million towards affordable housing in the next five years
  • £5.5 million for transport infrastructure
  • A series of investments around renewable energy, growth and regeneration and events such as the Olympic Torch Relay and Diamond Jubilee celebrations

All councils, including Peterborough, are facing further funding cuts in the next financial year as part of the Government’s on-going austerity measures, under the Local Government Provisional Formula Grant, the city council will receive just over £74 million pounds from the Department of Communities and Local Government - £5.6 million pounds lower than last year.

Since 2006, Peterborough City Council has made efficiency savings totalling more than £100million. In the current financial year, the authority has delivered £28 million of savings and next year the council will make over £14 million of savings. Councillors voted in favour of a council tax rise of 2.95 per cent.

Budget 2012 consultation

After the budget proposals were first published, a wide-ranging consultation took place. The easy-to-read guide details the Cabinet plans to invest in services beyond. The document reveals its spending plans across all of the council’s departments.

The consultation period for the 2012-2013 budget has now passed. Residents were asked to read the Budget Proposals document and send their feedback on the proposals via email.

  Budget proposals
  (176KB, 42 pages)

As part of the consultation process meetings were also held to offer the opportunity to learn more about the Budget proposals and allow residents to have their say. Senior council staff were at these meetings to answer any questions. Comments from the meetings were fed back to Cabinet for members for consideration.

Changes to the proposals include:

  • Removing the proposal around the future funding of the lollipop patrollers
  • Revising the savings target for Enterprise from £420,000 to £100,000
  • Removing the proposal around the increase in parking permits so a review of on-street and residents’ parking arrangements can take place
  • Revising the investment in the trees and woodlands strategy from £1 million to £744,000