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Is my property at risk from flooding?

Guidance on where to seek information and how to sign up for flood warning services.

Flood risk from main rivers

Parts of Peterborough are at risk from river flooding. You can find out if your property is at risk from flooding from main rivers by visiting the Environment Agency's map of the Risk of Flooding from Rivers and the Sea and entering your postcode.

Flood risk from surface water

Peterborough is at risk from surface water flooding which can occur in almost any location since it can be caused by heavy rain, minor watercourses, overflowing sewers or groundwater. Water will run towards lower areas where it may pond. Flooding is often localised and of a much smaller scale than flooding from main rivers could be.  To find out about the risk of surface water flooding in your area visit the Environment Agency's map of the Risk of Flooding From Surface Water.

Flood risk from reservoirs

The risk of reservoir flooding is very very low due to the management and resilience measures that have to be put in place for reservoirs. There are three large water bodies in Peterborough that contribute to the area's risk of reservoir flooding. These are the Nene Washes, Rutland Water and Crowlands Cowbit Washes. The Environment Agency include this information within their map called Risk of Flooding from Reservoirs.

Flood risk from groundwater

While groundwater levels can be high anywhere, flooding caused by groundwater is more likely in areas built upon sands and gravels as in these locations the water can travel easily through the ground. There is no publically available map of groundwater flooding at the moment.

Flood warnings

Flood warning sign                                                                                               

The Environment Agency provide a free flood warning service to properties mapped within the Environment Agency river flood zones.  You can sign up to receive flood warnings by calling Floodline on 0845 988 1188 or by signing up online.

To find out about flood alerts or warnings currently in force please visit the Environment Agency's flood warning pages

If a flood warning is in place

Should flood warnings be put in place by the Environment Agency the council will provide further local flooding information and updates on related topics such as traffic and travel. Please note that you can always call the Environment Agency's Floodline on 0845 988 1188 if you have concerns about flooding in your area. If a serious river flood event is expected the council will put information on the front page of its website and a dedicated telephone line is likely to be established. The number will be advertised on the website and given out to callers at the time. Surface water flooding takes place with less notice and is therefore harder to provide warning for.

Flood risk management factsheet

The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has produced a joint flood risk management factsheet with several other national flood risk management organisations. The factsheet has been prepared to help you understand what flood and coastal erosion risk information is available to you. It also provides some tips on what you can do to prepare for flooding if you find out your home or business is in an area at risk.