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Flooding information

Anyone worried about flooding in their area should call Floodline on 0845 988 1188 or visit the Environment Agency website for the most up-to-date information.

There are currently no flood warnings in place for the Peterborough Area


Peterborough City Council will prioritise the issuing of sandbags to areas of critical infrastructure and Flood warning sign locations where there are known vulnerable people, these specific locations will have been identified to be at imminent threat from fluvial (river) flooding. Once these areas have been safeguarded the city council will endeavour to accumulate sufficient sand bags to be made available to the public, again, where identified as being at imminent threat from flood waters.

It still remains the individual property owner’s responsibility to take mitigating action to protect their property from flooding.

What to do if flooding occurs

More details on what you should do when flooding occurs can be found on the Environment Agency website.

Driving through flood waters

There have been numerous incidents throughout Cambridgeshire of drivers becoming stranded after attempting to drive thorough flood waters. Drivers are reminded that driving through flood water can be extremely dangerous as it is impossible to see how deep the water is and whether there are any submerged hazards which could damage your car or leave you stranded.

Drivers who ignore road closure signs will be prosecuted by the Police if caught.