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Our priorities

The government requires us to produce a partnership plan, which covers three years and is refreshed every year.

The most effective way to reduce crime in partnership is to tackle those most disproportionately responsible for the bulk of that crime. National figures have revealed approximately 10 per cent of offenders are responsible for up to 50 per cent of crime.

A major reason for the success of a reduction of crime in Peterborough is the partnership-led integrated offender management initiative. This initiative encourages:

  • Partners to tackle offenders together
  • Delivering a local response to local problems
  • Offenders to face their responsibility, or face the consequences
  • Making better use of existing (and proven) programmes and governance
  • Easy accessibility to high risk offenders who cause serious harm and /or re-offend

This approach is strengthened further by a national pilot - a social impact bond, which is a contract with the public sector in which it commits to pay for improved social outcomes.

The Peterborough pilot is funded by investment raised through a social impact bond. A number of organisations deliver intervention work under the One Service brand to 3,000 short sentenced men released from HMP Peterborough.

This approach offers released prisoners the opportunity to change their lives by focussing on the causes of their offending behaviour across a range of tried and tested pathways to reduce re-offending.

Integrated offender management links up with other areas of work within the city to make longer-term change a realistic prospect. These include the family recovery project, safer schools, the drugs intervention programme and the development of a city-wide approach to anti-social behaviour.

Mental health

The partnership acknowledges the role mental health plays as an overarching theme and we continue to ensure it is embedded across our priority areas. We will work to recommendations of Lord Bradley's report following his 'review of people with mental health problems or learning disabilities in the criminal justice system.’

Safeguarding vulnerable adults

Linking with the Peterborough adult safeguarding board ensures any policy or legislation changes impact on the wider community safety agenda. This joint approach will help protect those most vulnerable within our communities.

Transformation of neighbourhood delivery

Our neighbourhood management approach is designed to resolve root causes of issues affecting a community. We want to ensure communities have the opportunity - and are empowered - to action and influence services and change in their local neighbourhoods through community action plans.

What are the partnership plan priorities?

How did we choose these priorities?

We conducted a ‘strategic assessment’ looking at data from a wide range of organisations to identify what crime and disorder is like in Peterborough. We also listened to what you, the public have told us through our neighbourhood panels, citizens’ panel, Face the People consultation events and special interest groups.