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Reporting Hate Crime

Hate crime is under-reported and below are some of the reasons why people fail to report incidents. It is important to remember hate crime is illegal, unacceptable and should not be tolerated. Hate crime offenders are twice as likely to get caught.

Reasons for under-reporting

  • Unaware of what hate crime is
  • The relationship between perpetrator and victim
  • Unaware of the support available to challenge
  • Lack of confidence in authorities being able to deal with incidents
  • Not knowing how and where to report
  • Embarrassed about seeking support
  • ‘Low level’ incidents tolerated
  • Previously told to “ignore it”

Peterborough police hate crime reports

  2008/9 2009/10 2010/11
Asylum/refugee 5 0 0
Race - traveller 2 0 1
Race - other 239 260 86
Sexuality 8 13 4
Faith - Islam 0 4 3
Faith - Other 7 0 2
Disability 0 0 2
Gender 0 0 1


A specialist team of officers investigate Hate crimes and provide help and support to those who have been affected by them. Being different isn’t a crime. Hate crime is. Report it.

Hate crime is illegal and unacceptable and incidents should be reported to the police on: 101.

Alternatively you can use the police online hate crime reporting form.

For deaf or hard of hearing call the MINICOM helpline on (01480) 422493.

RNID TypeTalk is a national telephone relay service which enables, deaf, deafblind, hard of hearing and speech impaired people to communicate, to access the service dial: 0800 515152.

Anyone can report a hate crime and they are tackled in partnership with organisations across the city with expertise in different crime-fighting areas.

Even if you do not consider the incident to be serious, it will be recorded to demonstrate a record of events to support victims and assist the investigation.

Reporting hate crime also helps to identify hotspots and establish patterns of perpetrator behaviour..

Operation CAN-do

Building a safer and stronger community Read more about Operation Can Do

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