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Parking fine (Penalty Charge Notice) challenges, representations and appeals

How to challenge a parking fine (Penalty Charge Notice) only when it has been affixed to the vehicle or handed to the person who appears to be the driver of the vehicle.

Initial challenges for penalty charge notices must be made in writing by one of the following methods and all challenges must be made within 14 days of the penalty charge notice being issued.

Informal challenge

An informal challenge can be made in the following ways:

If your challenge is successful we will cancel the penalty charge notice and we will write to you to advise you of this, the service will follow the write-off & cancellation Policy. If your challenge is rejected we will also write to you to advise you of this, however please note that payment at the discounted rate (either £35 or £25 depending on the contravention) is only available for 14 days from the issue of the penalty charge notice, this period may not be extended due to a challenge being made. 

If no payment is received after 28 days (and also allowing up to 5 days for payments to be applied due to any postal delays), we will send the registered keeper of the vehicle a Notice to Owner (NtO) which provides a final chance to pay the Penalty Charge Notice. This NtO however does allow a formal representation to be made against the issue of the Penalty Charge Notice. You may at this stage make a formal representation to the council but the discounted payment is no longer available.

Formal representation & traffic penalty tribunal

If your formal representation against the penalty charge notice is accepted the penalty charge notice will be cancelled and we will write to you to advise you of this. If your representation is rejected we will advise you in writing of the rejection and you will be required to pay the full charge amount (either £50 or £70 depending on the contravention). We will also send a form that allows you to appeal to an independent tribunal where a solicitor will examine your case. No charge is made for this. The decision by the adjudicator is final and binding on both sides.

If you lose your appeal at tribunal or do not pay the notice to owner

Normally 28 days (plus 2 days to allow for posting 1st Class) after we have sent you the Notice to Owner (which will have a payment deadline date printed upon it), we will issue a charge certificate. The penalty charge notice will have increased by 50% at this stage. You have no right of appeal at this stage.

If the penalty charge notice remains unpaid the charge will be registered as a debt at the Traffic Enforcement Centre. Certificated bailiffs will then be in receipt of a warrant for recovery and additional charges due to the bailiff will be incurred, which can be significantly higher than the original penalty charge notice amount.

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