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The second Peterborough local transport plan

In accordance with Government guidance, we have issued a replacement for the city's original Local Transport Plan. The new plan takes into account the changes that have taken place since the original plan was created in 2000, including the proposals for developing and enhancing the City Centre and the increase of urban growth caused by the inclusion of the City in the London-Stansted-Cambridge-Peterborough Growth Corridor as a part of the Government's Sustainable Communities Plan.

Related Documents

  LTP2 Progress Report 2007
  (119KB, 6 pages)

  LTP2 Progress Report 2008
  (1663KB, 72 pages)

  LTP2 Delivery Report (2006-2011)
  (648KB, 15 pages)

LTP2 Strategic Environmental Assessment

LTP2 Health Impact Review

Many of the documents below are very large due to their graphical nature and may take a long time to download.  To make the files easier to download some of the sections are split into smaller sections.  If you would like a copy of the Second Local Transport Plan on a CD  please email us.

The document(s) below appear in Adobe® Acrobat® (PDF) format. In order to view a document you will need to have Acrobat Reader installed. (Those with visual impairments may wish to investigate Access Adobe, which provides tools and information to help make PDF files more accessible). 


  Front Cover
  (143KB, 1 pages)

  Inner Cover
  (287KB, 4 pages)

  (163KB, 2 pages)

  (319KB, 6 pages)

  Executive Summary
  (312KB, 4 pages)

Section 1

  (668KB, 8 pages)

Section 2

  The Wider Context
  (612KB, 14 pages)

Section 3

  Transport Challenges Opportunities
  (1034KB, 18 pages)


Section 4

  Transport Priorties
  (198KB, 2 pages)

  Transport Priorties - Tackling Congestion
  (1393KB, 30 pages)

  Transport Priorties - Delivering Accessibility
  (1809KB, 30 pages)

  Transport Priorties - Safer Roads
  (498KB, 10 pages)

  Transport Priorties - Better Air Quality
  (372KB, 6 pages)

  Transport Priorties - Maintaining the Highway Network
  (214KB, 10 pages)


Section 5

  Transport Solutions
  (1363KB, 26 pages)

Section 6

  Indicators and Targets
  (245KB, 44 pages)


  Annex 1-8
  (2114KB, 114 pages)

  Annex 9-10
  (2543KB, 42 pages)

  Annex 11-13
  (659KB, 38 pages)

  (980KB, 6 pages)


Your comments

Please take a few minutes to tell us what you think about the second Peterborough local transport plan. We welcome your general comments and any suggestions you may have about our key priorities, targets or aims and objectives detailed within this document. Contact us on ltp@peterborough.gov.uk.