Information on suppliers we use

GDPR questionnaires via Rizikon Assurance

Peterborough City Council are undertaking a project which aims to help us learn more about our suppliers and build a better understanding of our supply chain. Supply chain risks have been concerning many Councils and we are no different. It is essential that we have as clear an understanding of our suppliers and their supply chains as possible in order to tackle issues, such as protecting personal data and modern day slavery to name but two key issues.

Because many of our suppliers who represent us process personal information relating to citizens, it is also especially important we can demonstrate that we work with reputable organisations who are compliant with various pieces of legislation, and adhere to the standards we would all agree need to be met. We have recently updated a number of our business processes and systems which will improve the way we manage your information and give us more insight into our supply chain. Suppliers are being invited to complete online questionnaires related to the set-up of their organisation and how they operate business to support us. These questionnaires will relate to areas such as GDPR, Modern Slavery, Cyber Security. To roll-out said questionnaires, we will be using a tool called Rizikon Assurance.

The Rizikon Assurance (or 'Peterborough City Council Third Party Assurance Portal') platform is a legitimate one and is being used to support the Council in collecting information required. If you are invited to complete a questionnaire you will receive an email containing a link - we can assure that this is safe to open and has been sent to you via a member of our Procurement team. We request that you open it, create a profile on the Rizikon system and action the assessment(s) you have been invited to.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the Procurement team via email to

Read the Rizikon FAQ for further guidance.