Apply for housing benefit for two homes (claimants and landlords)

Housing Benefit may be paid for two different homes for a period of up to 4 weeks in certain circumstances where a permanent move from one address to another leaves you with an unavoidable overlap in rent liabilities. 

It is important to move to your new home immediately as you may not be entitled to housing benefit for your new address if you delay moving in.

You are not considered to have an overlap in rent liabilities if you move into a residential home or if the move is only temporary.

This form will need to be completed and submitted twice; once by the claimant and subsequently by your former landlord.We can only look at your request to award Housing Benefit on two homes once we have received a form completed by both the claimant and the former landlord.

Please note: this is not a form to notify us of a change of address. This is a form in which to claim benefit due to an unavoidable overlap on two properties. Changes of address should be notified using the change of address form.

Processing Request