Change of circumstances form

You must tell the Benefits Department about any change in your circumstances as soon as you find out about the change.

If the change means that you are entitled to more benefit and you do not tell us about that change within one month of it happening, you could lose Housing Benefit.

Delay in telling us about changes which reduce benefit entitlement will result in an overpayment which will be recoverable from you.

Please note: at the moment this form cannot be used to notify a change of address within Peterborough or if you are moving to Peterborough and wish to claim benefit for the first time in our area.

We are in the process of improving our forms. In the meantime please use the change of address form (see right) for moves within Peterborough, or if you are new to the area please complete the full online claim form.

Change of address form

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If you are moving outside the area and wish to notify us to end your claim you can use this form - please select 'Other' as the type of change . Please include all relevant details within the text box.

If your circumstances have changed, please fill in this form and submit it to the Benefits Department as soon as possible. You should tell us about any change in the financial or personal circumstances of any of the people living in your household, for example:

  • changes in income, savings, investments or state benefits;
  • a change in the rent paid to a landlord; or
  • a change in the number of people living in your household.
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