Housing benefit or council tax support backdated claim

Housing benefit and council tax support is normally awarded from the Monday following the date on which we receive your application. This form only relates to backdates where a claim has already been made for the current period.

If you have not yet claimed housing benefit or council tax support, you can claim a backdate on the main housing benefit and council tax support online claim form.

The maximum period benefit can be considered is as follows:

  • If you are of pensionable age you can apply for a maximum 3 months backdated award
  • If you are working age (not of pensionable age) you can apply for 1 month backdated award.

You will need to provide full details, together with any supporting evidence, to explain the reasons you did not apply for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support at the correct time.

Sending evidence and documents

If you have evidence or documents to send to us please email them to benefits@peterborough.gov.uk after submitting the claim form, we accept digital photographs, scanned copies or electronic versions.

Please put your benefit claim number in the subject heading (this begins with a '2' and can be found on any letter we send to you) and also mark it “Backdate Application”.

Processing Request