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What is a Gigabit City?

A Gigabit City is a city with an ultra-fast, pure fibre network that supports the current and future digital requirements of the entire city: from schools and hospitals to businesses and homes. There are seven other Gigabit Cities in the UK:

  • Edinburgh
  • Bradford
  • York
  • Bristol
  • Huddersfield
  • Coventry
  • Milton Keynes

 Peterborough - A Gigabit City

In October 2013, CityFibre signed a strategic partnership with the council and announced the Peterborough Gigabit City project. The initial 90km city-wide network build was completed by March 2015, less than a year after construction began. 

Having been a Gigabit City since 2014, Peterborough has been home to a state-of-the-art, pure fibre digital infrastructure, which has grown and developed the town in partnership with the council.

CityFibre case study- Peterborough

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Businesses have been taking advantage of affordable, gigabit speed internet services which have revolutionised the way they operate.

The 120km Gigabit City network makes Peterborough one of the best connected cities on the planet, dramatically accelerating the digital capabilities of businesses, local government, schools, hospitals and mobile operators. At the 'World Smart City Congress 2015', Peterborough was awarded the title of 'Smart City of the Year, beating Moscow and Dubai. As a Gigabit City, Peterborough is already future-proofed as the thirst for greater bandwidth continue to grow rapidly over the coming decades. 

Peterborough timeline

Oct 2013   Announcement of the Gigabit City Project, a £9m investment
Nov 2013            Strategic partnership with the council
Feb 2014    Launch of the Gig Up Peterborough campaign as well as over 100 businesses registering within 20 days
Mar 2014 First service provider partner launches services
Apr 2014  Network construction begins in the city centre
Jul 2014 First 10 Council sites go live including the Town Hall and Central Library
Sep 2014 First businesses receive Gigabit services
Oct 2014 25% of the city's businesses register through the Gig Up campaign
Mar 2015 Initial network build complete. Over 100 council sites now and connected and over 100 businesses sign order forms for services
Jul 2015 All major business parks now connected
Jul 2016 The council adds additional CCTV and WiFi 220 sites to the network

Next generation pure fibre connectivity

Pure fibre networks provide businesses with the most advanced digital connection possible. Constructed with the latest deployment techniques, smart-routing, reinforced cables and ducting. Only pure fibre networks can support ultra-fast, ultra-reliable services and provide a future-proofed connectivity alternative. 

Old vs new

For those businesses already on a true fibre service but delivered over an incumbent's infrastructure, a newly constructed pure fibre network still offers significant advantages. Not only will it compete on uptime and service levels, but the simple virtue of its recent legacy infrastructure constructed up to 20 years ago. 

A truly resilient alternative 

Gone are the days were a backup ADSL line is sufficient - businesses cannot handle extensive delays before their backup line kicks in and can no longer rely on a slow DSL fallover. Crucially for companies operating mission critical sites and services, pure fibre networks provide an invaluable and truly diverse alternative infrastructure, completely independent from an incumbent telco's infrastructure. 

Fibre to the Cabinet falls short

For businesses reliant on so-called 'fibre' broadband services, the key differentiator of a pure fibre network is the lack of copper in the 'last mile' of your connection. Fibre broadband services are only as strong as the weakest link - the copper wire. With pure fibre from the exchange right through to your business premises there is no copper bottleneck to slow your connection, restrict your upload capabilities and introduce latency. 

What does it mean for businesses

Pure fibre is the best connectivity option available to a business but in most cities it is near impossible to order or afford one. In a Gigabit City, pure fibre connectivity comes as standard and businesses of all sizes are able to enjoy the speed, efficiency and productivity benefits previously only accessible by the largest businesses.

Other benefits for businesses include:

Gigabit Speeds: With a gig at your fingertips, you'll be able to effortlessly transfer even the largest files in a flash (10-100x faster than most business connections)
Cloud Computing: Cloud computing offers huge cost and time-saving benefits, alongside much greater flexibility when it comes to how, when and where you access the internet.
Ultra Fast Uploads: Crippling upload speeds are a thing of the past. Pure fibre enables broadband services that are as fast uploading large files as they are downloading them.
Communication: Revolutionise the way your business communicates. Ditch your land line for cheaper, smarter VoIP telephony and have your meetings face to face with HD video conferencing tools.
Remote Data Storage: Storing your data remotely using cloud applications like Dropbox, Google Drive or Box becomes a practical solution with a pure fibre connection. 
Diverse Connectivity:  For mission critical sites, pure fibre connectivity represents a truly diverse infrastructure connectivity solution. 

You and your business can join the Gigabit revolution by registering your interest on the CityFibre website

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