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Who are CityFibre?

CityFibre is the UK’s largest alternative provider of wholesale fibre network infrastructure and the builder of Gigabit Cities. 

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With major metro footprints in 42 cities, a national long distance network, and a ground-breaking FTTH build underway, CityFibre is future-proofing the UK in a digital age by unleashing the power of full-fibre connectivity to the public sector, private sectors, mobile operators, communication providers and households.

What is a Gigabit City?

A Gigabit City is a city with an ultrafast, full-fibre connectivity network that supports the current and future digital requirements of the entire city: from public sector including schools and hospitals to businesses, mobile and homes. This infrastructure is designed to withstand the increasing demand for bandwidth, and support the introduction of new technologies with ease.

Gigabit City diagram

 Peterborough - A Gigabit City

In October 2013, CityFibre signed a strategic partnership with the council, worth £9m and announced the Peterborough Gigabit City project. The initial 90km city-wide network build was completed by March 2015, less than a year after construction began. 

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