COP26 Climate Leaders

In November, the UK hosts COP26 in Glasgow, bringing world leaders together to tackle the climate crisis.

Find out more about the event at the Cop26 website.

Ahead of the event, Peterborough City Council will be highlighting what the global conference aims to achieve, what we are doing as a council to make our activities net carbon zero, and how you can make a difference to stop the catastrophic effects of climate change.

#OneStepGreener Climate Leaders

Ahead of COP26, organisers are calling on every local authority to highlight their #OneStepGreener Climate Leaders. These are everyday people who are doing their part to tackle climate change - often in unexpected ways - and to help the UK reach its goal of becoming net carbon zero by 2050.

They’re not activists or officials, just ordinary people who have quietly found meaningful ways to cut carbon and make the UK a greener place.

We want to celebrate our climate leaders, which is why we’re asking people nominate themselves or someone else. Email and let us know why they deserve to be chosen as an ambassador for their local area.

Go one step greener and make your pledge today!

In the run up to COP26 at the end of October, we’re asking people to go one step greener and think about how they can make a difference and limit global warming.

It might be using less heating or turning the thermostat down by a couple of degrees, utilising public transport more often or, if you are really feeling bold, investing in an electric/hybrid car.

It may be a small change, but together we can make a big difference. Did you know that by turning your heating down by 1°c it can reduce bills by £60 and save 310kg of carbon emissions a year. Imagine if a whole city did that!

To get involved, save the My Pledge or Our Pledge template to your device, add your personal pledge and upload it to your social media to let your followers know what change you are making to ensure our planet is a greener and more sustainable place to live.

When you post, add the hashtags #COP26 #TogetherForOurPlanet.

My green pledge is template
Save to your device and add your personal pledge.
Our green pledge is template
Save to your device and add your pledge.