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The council is committed to ensuring residents have the right support to adapt to digital technologies. We want to help residents to access online services such as paying for their bills online, keeping in touch with family and friends or doing their shopping online.

As more services will become digital and some only available online, it is important to ensure that local residents are aware of the benefits of using the internet and have the relevant skills and confidence to use it.

Through training, workshops and drop in sessions everyone will have the opportunity to gain and develop their internet skills. Support will be available at the Job Centre, Vivacity Libraries, Customer Service Centre (Bayard Place) and other voluntary/community groups.

What are we doing

We have already worked with a range of organisations and local groups, holding training sessions to help people get the most out of their devices, whether it is a laptop, tablet or smart-phone.

We have undertaken 5-week training sessions with residents in local housing schemes and local community groups and we are now planning our next phase of work. Throughout 2017 we will start working with libraries and other voluntary organisations as well as meeting residents at roadshows and drop-in sessions to try to reach as many individuals as possible.

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What does this mean for you

Our work offers residents a chance to learn more about online services and understand the benefits of using the internet which include using more efficient and less time-consuming methods to pay, report, apply or book a product or service online.

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What you will learn

Our training is generally split across 5 weeks, working in certain locations. Sessions are designed to offer an introduction and will cover the following areas:

  • Differences between devices;
  • Offer demos of the PCC websites, highlighting benefits such as paying by DD online and communication with us through social media;
  • Showing residents how to complete online forms;
  • Setting up an email account and how to use it;
  • Accessing organisational websites
  • Online shopping;
  • Catch-up TV; and
  • Connecting with friends and family.

There will also be the opportunity to ask questions and cover topics, where possible, that may not be listed in the general overview.

How have others benefitted from our work 

"I've been trying to learn computers for the last two years; family have tried to teach me but it just didn't sink in. 
If I got stuck I could just ask; you gave me the confidence to do it and it's opened up a new little life for me".

"If you understood computers at the start of this course, you would be fine, but if like me you didn't, you have to listen to what Matthew told you, which I did. I now work well with my tablet and I sometimes have a dabble on the computer.  
You've got to do more on that tablet with me!".

Upcoming training events

  • Axiom Digital Event - Tuesday 26 September from 13:30pm until 15:30pm at Middleton Primary School PE3 9XJ
  • Online Basics 'Try something new' - Thursday 28 September from 10:00am until 12noon at Senior Stop
  • Online Basics Drop In (Taster Session) on 4 October between 10am - 11.30am at Cross Keys Head Office
  • Drop in session - Friday 6 October at Werrington library
  • Online Basics - every Monday from 9 October for 5 weeks (10:30am until 12noon) at Senior Stop
  • Online Basics Drop In (Taster Session) on 19 October between 10:00 - 11:30 at  Westwood Community Hub
  • Herlington Community Hub Online Basics - every Wednesday from 1 November for 5 weeks (10:00am until 12noon) at Herlington Centre Orton Malborne
  • Gladstone Community Hub - Thursday 2 November from 10:15am until 12:15pm at Gladstone Community Centre Bourges Boulevard
  • Online Basics - Thursday 16 November (running weekly dependent on numbers) from 10:30am until 11:30am at Bretton Library
  • Online Basics (New Year, New Start) - Friday 5 January (running weekly dependent on numbers) from 10:00am until 12:00noon at Werrington Library

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How to contact us

For more information or if you have any questions you can telephone Matthew Beckett 01733 452266 or you can email You can also contact customer services via Facebook and Twitter