Environment Capital

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Creating the UK's Environment Capital

Peterborough has the potential to be a truly sustainable city. A city which has a thriving local economy, strong communities and a sustainable way of life. A city where our residents are healthy, happy and prosperous. A city regarded as the UK’s Environment Capital. This is why in 2008 the city adopted the target of ‘Creating the UK’s Environment Capital’.

To achieve this we will need to do things differently. If everyone on Earth lived as the average Peterborian, British or European citizen does, we would need three planets’ worth of resources to sustain us. This means, on average, each of us is using too much of the world’s resources to produce the food we eat, treat the waste we produce, and generate the energy we use.

To put it simply, we only have one planet so creating the UK’s Environment Capital means that we aim to change the way we do things by 2050 to ensure we can live within the resources of our planet. 

What we're doing

The Environment Capital Action Plan was adopted by Full Council in April 2014. It aims to provide a clear vision for how Environment Capital will be delivered. The Plan is a city wide document that has been developed with stakeholders from key organisations across Peterborough. It’s broken down into ten themes, each containing a vision to 2050 and interim targets to 2016. You can view a copy of the plan below, along with details about the sources of information used and the council’s Major Policy that the action plan delivers:

  • Environment Capital Action Plan
  • Sources of information and facts used
  • Environment Capital Major Policy adopted in 2010.

Peterborough Environment City Trust have produced a video showing work being undertaken by local schools supporting the environment capital delivery.

What it means for Peterborough

Peterborough City Council is committed to improving the environment and we recognise that the policies and activities we undertake and promote have wide ranging environmental impacts. Practically, this means that we commit to continually monitoring and improving our environmental performance. We will comply with relevant legislation, policies and codes of practice and we will continually seek opportunities to achieve more in order to ensure that we lead by example.

Environment Capital Action Plan

Size: 669.79 KB File format: pdf

Environment Capital Delivery Document

Size: 225.05 KB File format: pdf

Environment Capital Major Policy

Size: 383.72 KB File format: pdf

Draft Environment Action Plan 2016-2020 - Have your say

We would like your views on the draft ‘Environment Action Plans’ for the city as a whole and Peterborough City Council. After reading the Action Plans, which can be found below, please complete the Environment Action Plans survey before 5pm on Sunday 12 February 2017.  

If you have any queries, please contact 01733 453538 or email environmentcapital@peterborough.gov.uk.