Local Energy Advice Programme

LEAP (Local Energy Advice Programme) is a new free energy and money saving advice service. 

The programme is provided by AgilityEco alongside a number of partner organisations.

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It is delivered in close partnership with Local Authorities, including Peterborough City Council and Housing Associations.

LEAP offers a free of charge in-home advice visit. The Home Energy Advisors can:

  • install free simple energy saving measures
  • arrange a free money advice consultation
  • help you find funding for further energy saving home improvements
  • check if you're on the best energy tariff

For self referrals use the new freephone number 0800 060 7567.

Other energy strategies and projects

There are various other energy strategies and projects including: 

  • Energy from Waste Facility - Also known as Energy recovery is a proven, reliable technology that has been used for many years by some of the most environmentally-aware countries. This technology was recommended to be the best solution to Peterborough’s waste materials that can't be reused or recycled.
  • HECA - The council must present the energy conservation measures they considers practicable, cost effective and likely to lead to a significant improvement in the energy efficiency for its residents.

  • ECO Flex - The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) requires large energy companies to help improve the energy efficiency of domestic homes by discounting the cost of improvement works. This applies to certain households who are struggling to pay their energy bills and are defined as being in fuel poverty.

Useful links

Energy Saving Trust -  A leading, impartial organisation helping homeowners and businesses to reduce their energy consumption by providing advice on how sustainable, low carbon lifestyles can be achieved.

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