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'Stand Up For Peterborough - Protect Our Vital Services' progresses the Leader’s commitment to lobby government, a big part of which is generating public support for the lobbying activity and achieve greater awareness of our funding situation across Peterborough.

The campaign asks council staff, residents, businesses and all other interested groups to support the campaign and 'Stand up for Peterborough'.

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They can do this by leaving a comment on the form below, pledging support for the campaign, or by writing to the Leader of the Council at the Town Hall. People may also have their own ideas about how they can support the council's lobbying efforts.

The letters and emails will then be delivered to the government next year to demonstrate the strength of feeling in the city.

Support the council in its lobbying of government for fairer funding

You can pledge your support for the campaign by leaving your comments in the form below.

You can also write to:

Councillor John Holdich
Peterborough City Council
Bridge Street

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About the campaign

The campaign follows a commitment by the Leader of the Council, Councillor John Holdich, to lobby government for fairer funding. Councillor Holdich believes the city council no longer receives a fair deal and that our residents are being short-changed.

Councillor Holdich said: "We are in the midst of our toughest budget setting process yet and the time has come for us to take a stand. We are having to do more and more with less and less money from the government and I believe Peterborough no longer receives a fair funding deal from government and our residents are being short-changed.

"For our voice to be heard I need the support of everyone in the city - residents, businesses and community groups. Please join our campaign and together we can stand up for Peterborough and help protect our vital services."

Since the government’s austerity programme began in 2010 the amount of funding that all councils receive has fallen at an alarming rate.

In 2013/14 the city council received £55million in Revenue Support Grant, the government grant which supports a range of council services, and this will have reduced to just £15million in 2018/19 and then £10million in 2019/20. That will be a reduction of 80 per cent over seven years.

Peterborough is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK, in terms of population growth, and demand for certain council services is rapidly increasing. However, current government funding takes no account of population growth or demand levels. Instead our funding is reduced year on year.

We’ll be posting updates about the campaign on this page regularly and also on our social media accounts - Twitter @peterboroughcc and Facebook - Peterborough City Council.

Find out about our latest 2018/19 budget proposals

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Show your support for the Stand Up For Peterborough campaign on Facebook

As well as pledging your support on this page, you can also use the frame on your Facebook profile photo. 

To upload it:

1. Click on 'Edit/Update' on your Facebook profile photo
2. Select 'Add Frame'
3. Search for 'Peterborough'
4. Select '#StandupforPeterborough'
5. You can add a comment (maybe encouraging people to make their pledge too)
6. You also have the option to customise how long you want the logo on your profile
7. Click on 'Use' to make it live. 

You can also follow this link to find the Stand Up For Peterborough Facebook frame

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