Homes for Ukraine Hosting scheme

Overview of the scheme

  • The Homes for Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme allows Ukrainian nationals and their family members to come to the UK if they have a named sponsor under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme.
  • Require a named and known refugee/s in order to be a sponsor and eventually a host to refugee/s through this scheme.
  • Read more information about becoming a sponsor on the GOV.UK website

What support is available for refugees?

  • £200 subsistence payments until Universal Credit is received
  • Support with settling into the city

Welcome packs

English (opens in Google docs) and Ukrainian (opens in Google docs)

More information here:

The hosting process

  1. A prospective host is named on a visa application through the Homes for Ukraine scheme by one or more refugees that they intend to host.
  2. The visa application is processed and information is shared with your local authority (Peterborough City Council).
  3. We will organise an accommodation check through our housing service to confirm that the property is suitable accommodation for the guests.
  4. We will facilitate DBS checks for all individuals aged 16+ in the hosting household by sending you forms to enable these checks (DBS checks are required even if you have a current certificate with another organisation).
  5. DBS checks and accommodation checks are completed.
  6. When the DBS check is confirmed as clear, for hosts that are interested in receiving monthly Thank you payments (£350), we will look to process these on the 1st of each month (with the exception of the first payment which will be within 10 working days of the DBS check completion). There is one payment per household and the payment is not related to the number of refugees being hosted.

If there are any issues with the accommodation check or any safeguarding issues, these will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


  1. We need hosts and/ or refugees to notify us once any individuals arrive. We know that the speculative arrival dates on the visa forms may change for various reasons.
  2. Following confirmation of arrival, we will arrange a visit to welcome the new arrival(s). Any individuals with care needs can receive needs assessments at this visit or a subsequent visit.
  3. Hosts can take guests to St Olga’s at 67 New Rd, Woodston, Peterborough PE2 9HD on Sundays to meet others from the local Ukrainian Community

Visa application

  • Unfortunately the Local Authority cannot assist with visa queries. The Local Authority only have the ability to view the status of visa applications i.e. (‘pending’, ‘approved’ or ‘missing application details’.
  • We cannot see details or the reasons for the delays to applications
  • Visa queries need to be directed to the Home Office

Any other queries

For more information email

Frequently asked questions

The Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme which asks people to offer space in their homes for those fleeing the war has been launched. This will allow individuals, charities, community groups and businesses in the UK to bring Ukrainians to safety – including those with no family ties to the country: Homes for Ukraine

Ukrainian people arriving under this scheme will be able to live and work in the UK for up to three years and access benefits, healthcare, employment, and other support.

The Ukraine Family Scheme allows family members of British nationals, UK settled persons and certain others to come to or stay in the UK.

To apply to the scheme the applicant must:

  • be applying to join or accompany your UK-based family member;
  • and be Ukrainian or the immediate family member of a Ukrainian national who is applying to the scheme;
  • and have been residing in Ukraine on or immediately before 1 January 2022 (including those who have now left Ukraine).

People or organisations wanting to be sponsors under the Homes for Ukraine scheme can now register their interest here

If you already know a Ukrainian national (or immediate family member) who you want to sponsor, you can help them apply for a visa under the Homes for Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme.

If you do not already know a Ukrainian national (or immediate family member) you will have to link with a voluntary sector / charitable organisation who are working to match the offer of homes in the UK with people in Ukraine who need accommodation. Once you have been matched with people in Ukraine by this organisation you, and the people coming from Ukraine, need to complete the Visa application process.

This requires you, the host, to supply details about yourself, including passport information. The people in Ukraine also need to complete their details and supply documentation. A Visa application has to be done for each person who has been matched to a host’s offer of accommodation.

Further information about hosting unknown refugees is available here.

There are a number of organisations on a local and national level who are involved in matching. The Reset Communities and Refugees Charity has a matching service. Apply to be matched to a refugee to sponsor here.

Once the Home Office has approved all the Visa applications that apply to your offer of accommodation, which includes the Home Office carrying out security checks, your details will be passed onto the city council. You can expect to hear from the council regarding the completion of housing and DBS checks.

We understand that you might have been waiting a while but the Visa application process can take some time to complete. Once we, the local authorities, have received notification of the approval of the Visa application(s) for your guests we will work as fast as we can to reach the many people who have had these Visa applications approved for their guests through the Homes for Ukraine Scheme.

Please be assured that we will be in contact with you in the near future to start the DBS and Housing Checks after you have completed the Visa application.

Yes. This will be completed by someone from the council who will be in touch with you once we have received your information from the Home Office. 

The council will be in touch about the housing check which will involve an in-person visit to the accommodation.

The council will provide the interim payment (in line with other resettlement schemes) of £200 per guest for subsistence costs.

Sponsors will be eligible for an optional ‘thank you payment’ of £350 per month per household, not per person, as long as the sponsorship arrangement exists, for up to 12 months.