School admissions for Ukrainian children


Families arriving from Ukraine with school-aged children who need to apply for a school place can do so by downloading and completing the document below.

Apply for a school place for a Ukrainian child

Ukraine Admissions PCC CCC English862KBpdf
Size: 862KBFile format: pdf
Ukraine Admissions PCC CCC Russian987KBpdf
Size: 987KBFile format: pdf
Ukraine Admissions PCC CCC Ukrainian990KBpdf
Size: 990KBFile format: pdf

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Important information

  • If you are the Host and have made an application before your family arrived, have you told us they are now with you?
  • You must name the parent on the application form as they are the one with parental responsibility.
  • Please ensure your application is complete and you have submitted evidence of identification and date of birth.
  • If a family is not residing with you but at another address, we will need evidence for the address where the applicant will be living.
  • Please email or attach documents to the application but do not send a link to a cloud account as we cannot access them.

Please note: All Ukrainian school admission applications will be treated equally with all school admission applications.

  • Due to pressures on school places, a school place will be offered when the family are resident in the UK.
  • If your Ukrainian family want to put their child into a different year group, they need to take up a school place for the correct chronological year group initially and discuss with the school the possibility of going back a year. There is no automatic right to do this. Schools will liaise with parents/child on the suitability and in some cases, families may look to officially defer.

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