Ugandan Asian Arrival Community History and Heritage Appeal 2022

Ugandan Asian Community appeal Poster


As a city, we are proud of our history of being allies to refugees and asylum seekers from around the world. We have diaspora communities from Italy, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, made up of residents - some who have come as individuals and families, and some as larger groups.

One of the key events in our city’s history was the arrival of the Ugandan Asian community in 1972. Peterborough was the first city in the UK to welcome families that were expelled from Uganda by President Idi Amin.

We’re aware that many of the original families will have moved away from the city since 1972, but some of their children have remained in the city and might remember some stories about this time. Also, we know that a lot of individual allies (such as Cllr Charles Swift), charities, and local businesses, were instrumental at this time in supporting the resettlement of the families that came to Peterborough from this community. We expect that they will have incredible stories to tell too.

Therefore, as part of our 50-year celebration of the arrival of the Ugandan Asian community to our city, we would like to work with the local community to collect and share these stories.

How can you help

We have launched a Community History and Heritage appeal for stories and memories of this time, and we need the help of people across the city and beyond to gather stories from this time.

If you are interested in helping us, please complete this form yourself or share it with others: