Body Worn Camera policy consultation


Contact information

Prevention and Enforcement Service Team
Peterborough City Council
4th Floor
Bayard Place

Consultation started: 15 Jan 2018   —   Consultation ended: 9 Mar 2018

When will results be available: At the end of the consultation period

The council are consulting on the use of body worn cameras for officers working in our Prevention and Enforcement Service. Prevention and Enforcement Officers already carry body worn cameras for safety purposes, however we are suggesting the policy extends the use of body worn cameras to enable officers, if they observe an offence occurring, to activate their camera during this offence and their interaction with the offender.

Body Worn Video Cameras are a proportionate response to help protect Prevention and Enforcement Service Officers by reducing the risk of verbal or physical assaults while carrying out their duties. They provide an auditable record of incidents and may also be used to investigate complaints against enforcement staff, as well as capture images of any offences being committed.

The consultation on this new policy is open to all stakeholders or interested parties to enable them to identify any concerns, questions or objection to the use of body worn cameras for the purposes set out in the policy. We will ensure any decision to implement the policy takes into account the responses received. The policy is also accompanied by a Data Protection Impact Assessment.

Data Protection Impact Assessment 2017

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