Fletton Parkway speed reduction


Contact information

Mrs Judi Anderson
Technician- Traffic Management
Planning, Transport and Engineering
Dodson House

Consultation started: 4 Jun 2015   —   Consultation ended: 25 Jun 2015

When will results be available: At the end of the consultation period

Business group

Growth and Regeneration Directorate

Consulting with

  • Statutory Utilities
  • Emergency Services
  • General public

Aim of consultation

To reduce vehicle speeds and improve road safety.  

Method of consultation

  • Advertising in the local press
  • Peterborough City Council website
  • Letters to statutory consultees, Emergency Services, and councillors

Results will be available

25 June 2015

Using the results

To determine whether to implement this new restrictions.

Marketing: How the consultation and its results will be cascaded to respondents and to the wider public

This consultation commenced on the 4 June and has been advertised in the local press on the same day.  

Processing Request