Gypsy, Traveller and Showman accommodation needs assessment


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Opinion Research Services
The Strand

Consultation started: 29 Jan 2016   —   Consultation ended: 26 Feb 2016

When will results be available: At the end of the consultation period

We are currently updating our understanding of the accommodation needs of the Travelling Community in the area. This information will help the local authorities make decisions around the potential allocation of land to improve accommodation provision.

As part of this work we have commissioned Opinion Research Services (ORS) who are an independent social research company to prepare a new Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (GTANA).

ORS have been visiting families on Gypsy and Traveller Sites across the study area. To make sure ORS includes all members of the Travelling community in this research they would also like to speak to members of the community who live in in bricks and mortar accommodation. 

We would like you to be involved in this study, what you say is important. If you, or someone from your family, could spare the time to take part and speak to ORS about where you live now and where you and your children need to live in the future. Anything you tell us is kept confidential. 

If you would like to take part in the study please could you contact Claire Thomas on 01792 535337 or email

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