Health and Wellbeing Strategy consultation

Peterborough residents are being asked for their views on a draft strategy to improve health and wellbeing.


Contact information

Peterborough City Council
Town Hall
Bridge Street

Consultation started: 1 Feb 2016   —   Consultation ended: 30 Apr 2016

When will results be available: At the end of the consultation period

The strategy is a collaboration between the council and the local NHS, and focuses on a variety of steps that can be taken to improve people's health in the city and surrounding rural areas.

It is the result of work done by a Health & Wellbeing Board, chaired by council leader John Holdich, which has strong representation from local GPs and HealthWatch as well as city councillors and officers. When complete, the strategy will help steer commissioning and service planning decisions of both the local NHS and the council.

The strategy starts by focusing on six core areas of health: children and young people; health behaviours and lifestyle; cardiovascular disease; mental health; ageing well and addressing communicable diseases. It sets out the key areas for attention within each one, and the initial steps to be taken.

It then considers the impact of the way we plan our local environment – for example housing, transport and green space – on the long term health of residents.

Have your say

Summary Health and Wellbeing Strategy

You can read a short summary version of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy and have your say by completing a short online questionnaire.

Health and Wellbeing Strategy - Summary

Size: 3.62 MB File format: pdf

Full Health and Wellbeing Strategy

If you would like to read the full strategy and give a more detailed response you can complete the full online questionnaire

Health and Wellbeing Strategy - Full version

Size: 1.18 MB File format: pdf

Following the consultation and subsequent reviews, the new strategy will be taken to the Health and Wellbeing Board for approval in June 2016.