Data protection privacy notice

Any information you have provided will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other relevant legislation. This means Peterborough City Council needs to make sure you know what we intend to do with your information and who it will be shared with or disclosed to.

In order to provide you with the service you require there may be occasions when your information is shared with those who carry out work on our behalf.

Sometimes we may need to ask other agencies or organisations for relevant information about you to fulfil our legal responsibilities or to provide services.

We may pass your information to other agencies or organisations as allowed or required by law, for example to enable them to carry out their statutory duties or where it is necessary to prevent harm to yourself or other individuals.

We have a duty to:

  • keep sufficient information to provide services and fulfil our legal responsibilities
  • keep your records secure and accurate
  • only keep your information as long as is required.

Things you can do to help us:

  • make sure that we have identified you correctly by letting us know when you change address or name
  • tell us if any of your information we hold is wrong
  • permit us to share as much information about you as we need to.

You have a right to see the information we hold about you and can request access to your own information.

More information about who we share information with and why is available in our registration details on the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) website.

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