Council tax discount for carers and care workers

Guidance notes

A person can be disregarded from Council Tax if they are providing care and /or support to one or more people.  You must satisfy ONE of the two categories shown below in order to qualify.

Care worker

  • They are providing care or support on behalf of a Local Authority, the Common Council for the City of London, the Crown or a body established for charitable purposes, or,
  • Are employed by the person they are caring for, but were introduced by a relevant body, and,
  • Care or support is provided for at least 24 hours per week, and
  • They receive less than £36.00 per week in payment, and,
  • They live in premises provided either by, or on behalf of the relevant body or the employer for the “better performance of their duties”


  • They provide care to a person entitled to one of the specified benefits
    1. Attendance Allowance
    2. Disability Living Allowance (Highest or Middle Rate)
    3. An increase in Disablement Pension
    4. An increase in constant Attendance Allowance
    5. The standard or enhanced rate of the daily living component of Personal Independence Payment
  • They live in the same property as the person they are caring for, and,
  • They provide care for at least 35 HOURS a week, and,
  • They are not the spouse or partner of the person being cared for,
  • They are not the parent of the person being cared for where the person requiring care is under 18 years of age

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