Removal of overgrown trees at back of Coniston road

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Petition Submitted: 23 Nov 2016   —   Petition Acknowledged: 24 Nov 2016

Resolved: At the end of the Petition period

Petition title Management of the woodland area adjoining householders gardens to the back of Coniston Road Gunthorpe Peterborough

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That council make immediate funds of £5,000 available to enable overgrown and spindly tress/flora to be removed/trimmed (with consultation with the householders affected), in order that the remaining tress/woodland may grow true and sturdy.

That the necessary works are programmed to take effect before spring 2017.

That the council officers rethink policy and procedure to the management of woodland areas that are adjacent to household property and present the same for the consideration of council.

That adequate funding/priority is given annually for future regular management associated with woodland areas adjoining householder’s property.

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Status Resolved
Date acknowledged 24/11/2016

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