Save Bretton Water Park

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Peterborough City Council
Democratic Services
Town Hall
Bridge Street

Petition Submitted: 26 Feb 2018   —   Petition Acknowledged: 5 Mar 2018

Resolved: At the end of the Petition period

Petition title: Petition to Save Bretton Water Park from Closure
Date and where submitted:                                                                                              26 February 2018 at meeting of the Cabinet
Petition request:

Peterborough City Council has proposed the closure of Bretton water Park in it’s recent budget proposal which could save them £18,000 per year running costs. We request that the City Council do not cut the £18,000 funding for Bretton Water Park.

Number of signatures: 245
Service area responsible:

Business Transformation Team

Status: Active
Date acknowledged:   5 March 2018

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