Local land charges

We maintain the register of local land charges and respond to applications for searches of the register. This service is not to be confused with HM Land Registry.

  • If your enquiry relates to ownership of land, contact Peterborough District Land Registry on 01733 288288.
  • Drainage enquiries are dealt with by Goedesys, Anglian Water, please call them on 01480 323889.

Search local land charges 

A Local Land Charge Search should be carried out when a property or piece of land is being sold, purchased, leased or valued to find out if there are any matters affecting the land. They are also mandatory in all Home Information Packs.

Local search request form

Size: 287.84 KB File format: pdf

Roads and paths must be clearly identified in Box C and marked on the plan. The Council will not accept phrases such as 'abutting' and ‘adjoining’. Our target for responding to basic searches is 10 working days from the date of acceptance of a request.

Search fees

Our fees for Residential and Non-Residential (Commercial/Land) searches are the same.

Full local authority search*


LLC1 Only


CON29R Only**


CON29O Enquiry (each)**


Additional Enquiry (Including Solicitors, each)


Additional parcel of land (each)


Expedite Fee (for a 2 day turnaround)


Please note: HMRC has decided to apply VAT to CON29R and CON29O forms as from 1st February 2016.  Peterborough City Council has taken this into account, from that specified date our fees are VAT Inclusive and remain as published.

*Costs for hard copies of documents will vary according to the specific request. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Local Land Charge Service

**Use the online form that will will provide answers to questions CON29 (R and O) forms for properties in the Peterborough City Council area. This form does not cover all the questions on the CON29 forms. For replies to all the other questions on the CON29 forms please submit a full local authority search via the Local Land Charges team.

Payment methods

We accept payments:

  • by cheque made payable to ‘Peterborough City Council'
  • by credit/debit card by telephone.

Personal searches

A personal search is an inspection of the Local Land Charges Register, which can be carried out by anyone. Please note that a personal search does not provide all the information given on a full (i.e. LLC1 and CON29) search. A personal search may not be acceptable to some mortgagors.

The Local Land Charges Register is available to personal searchers at the following times:

  • Monday to Friday: 10am (30 minutes), 10.30am (30 minutes), 11am (30 minutes), 11.30am (30 minutes) and 3.30pm (30 minutes).

To make an appointment to view the register please contact customer services or email local.landcharges@peterborough.gov.uk and allow at least 24 hours notice.

A basic knowledge of the Personal Search System and the Local Land Charges Register is necessary in order to carry out a personal search. We recommend that you firstly carry out research for relevant information before viewing the Local Land Charges Register.

It is the responsibility of the person carrying out the search to interrogate and investigate the records to retrieve the required information.