Community Infrastructure Levy


The council adopted its CIL Charging Schedule and CIL Supporting Policies Document (which includes the R123 Infrastructure List) at Full Council on 15 April 2015. This means that a flat fee can be charged for each square metre of floor area in new developments of eligible residential dwellings, supermarkets, convenience retail stores and retail warehouses that get planning permission from 24 April 2015 onwards.

On 7 November 2016, Cabinet adopted the CIL Governance Proposals which sets out how the Council will manage CIL receipts and how these will be spent to deliver strategic infrastructure. The Infrastructure Delivery Update 2016 provides an up-to-date summary of infrastructure needed to support Peterborough's growth, and will be used by the Council in taking decisions on spending CIL and other sources of funding

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What is the Community Infrastructure Levy

The purpose of the community infrastructure levy is to raise funds from developers who are undertaking new building projects, to help pay for infrastructure that is needed to support new development. It can be used to fund a wide variety of infrastructure including:

  • transport schemes
  • flood defences
  • schools, hospitals and other health and social care facilities
  • parks, green spaces and leisure centres.

It will replace Section 106 planning obligations for many forms of infrastructure, although Section 106 agreements can still be used for site-specific mitigation measures and for affordable housing provision. 

The Council adopted a Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document at Cabinet on 7 April 2015. This document clarifies how S106 Planning Obligations will be used alongside the Community Infrastructure Levy and what infrastructure will be funded by each mechanism.

For further information please see Community Infrastructure Levy

Proposals to update the R123 Infrastructure List and supporting documents

The council is proposing to revise the R123 Infrastructure List, the CIL Governance Arrangements and CIL Supporting Policies documents. It is intended that these revised documents will be clearer for applicants and infrastructure providers about what is or is not included on the R123 Infrastructure List and will ensure that the documents are all up to date. These revised document are available to view below.

The council consulted on these documents in September and October 2017. Further details will be provided on the status of these documents in due course. If you have any queries, please contact