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CIL charging schedule - development and consultation

The Peterborough Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Consultation closed on 12 December 2012. This consultation related to our initial ideas on appropriate rates to charge on most types of new development in the area. Details of the representations received and the Council's response to specific points raised are included in the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Statement of Consultation, which is available as part of the CIL documents below.

Having taken into account comments received during the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule consultation the Council published a further version of its CIL proposals, the CIL Draft Charging Schedule, on 18 August 2014. Consultation on the Peterborough CIL Draft Charging Schedule took place between 18 August 2014 and 5pm on 15 September 2014.

Please note that a separate, but related, consultation took place, at the same time, on the Council’s proposed approach towards securing planning obligations following the introduction of CIL. You can read about this on the Peterborough City Council Developer Contributions SPD webpage.

Following consultation on the Draft Charging Schedule, and in accordance with Regulation 19 of the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 (as amended), Peterborough City Council submitted its Draft CIL Charging Schedule to the Planning Inspectorate on 24 October 2014.

The submitted Draft CIL Charging Schedule was then subject to an independent examination conducted by the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of the Secretary of State. An independent planning inspector, William Fieldhouse BA(HONS) MA MRTPI conducted the examination.

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Examination Hearing

A hearing session was held at Peterborough Town Hall on Tuesday 27 January 2015.

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Examiner's Report

The Council received the Examiner’s report into the Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule on 16 February 2015. This report concludes that, subject to modification, the Peterborough City Council Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule provides an appropriate basis for the collection of the levy in the City.

Three modifications are needed to meet the statutory requirements. These can be summarised as follows:

  • Amend the definition of “strategic residential sites” to make it clear that this relates to all developments comprising 500 or more dwellings;
  • Amend the charging rate for developments comprising 500 or more dwellings from £15 to £0; and,
  • Omit reference to 500 sq m in the names of the three types of residential development that are subject to a charge, and include a fuller definition of these uses as footnotes to the schedule.

The specified modifications recommended in this report are based on matters discussed during the public hearing sessions and do not significantly alter the basis of the Council’s overall approach or the appropriate balance achieved.

Hard copies of the Examiner’s report is available from the council’s customer service centre at Bayard Place.

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The council adopted its CIL Charging Schedule, incorporating the Examiners recommendations, and CIL Supporting Policies Document (including the Council’s CIL Regulation 123 List, Instalment Policy, Payment in Kind for Land or Infrastructure Policy and Exceptional Circumstances Relief Statement) at a meeting of Full Council on 15 April 2015. The report to Full Council as approved sets out how the examiners modification were incorporated to the charging schedule for the purposes of Section 213(3)(B) of the Planning Act 2008 and Regulation 25 of the CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended).

The adoption of a CIL Charging Schedule means that a flat fee can be charged for each square metre of floor area in new developments of eligible residential dwellings, supermarkets, convenience retail stores and retail warehouses that get planning permission from 24 April 2015 onwards.

For more information please see our main Community Infrastructure Levy webage. 

CIL charging schedule

Size: 2.13 MB File format: pdf

CIL supporting policies

Size: 679.25 KB File format: pdf

Submission and examination documents

The documents below were submitted for the examination.

Infrastructure evidence
Viability evidence
Local plan

Peterborough Core Strategy DPD (adopted 2011)

Size: 1.79 MB File format: pdf

Peterborough Site Allocations (Adopted 2012)

Size: 778.39 KB File format: pdf

Peterborough Planning Policies DPD (Adopted 2012)

Size: 940.30 KB File format: pdf

Examination library

CIL/220 Examination library (October 2014)

Size: 210.00 KB File format: pdf

Examination guidance, issues and questions
Response to examination guidance, issues and questions
Examination hearings

CIL/300 Agenda for Hearing session: (January 2015)

Size: 183.70 KB File format: pdf

Next Steps

An indicative timetable for the future steps in the process through to adoption by the council is outlined below:

  • April 2015: adoption of the Peterborough CIL Charging Schedule
  • April 2015: Implementation of CIL Charging Schedule, see our main community infrastructure levy page.

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