New Local Plan

Peterborough Local Plan Further Draft (December 2016) 

We are preparing a new Local Plan, this is an important document as it will determine what Peterborough and the surrounding villages will look like in the future and how it will become an even better place to live, work and visit. 

The new Local Plan will replace the adopted Development Plan Documents (DPD). It will not replace any adopted Minerals and Waste DPDs.

We are currently at the second stage in the process and are consulting on the Further Draft version of the Local Plan, which sets out the emerging planning policies and proposals for growth and regeneration, and the proposed sites to deliver the growth. This is still a draft plan. Your views are therefore essential.

The consultation closed on 9th February. Thank you for providing your views on the Local Plan Further Draft. 

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Supporting Documents 

The following documents are available to support the Local Plan consultation:

Local Green Space Report Dec 2016

Externally hosted resource

Five Year Land Supply Dec 2016

Document shared via

Local Plan Viability Assessment (Nov 2016)

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Growth Study update - January 2017

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For other planning policy evidence documents please see the Local Plan Supporting Information page.

The Further Draft Policies Map can also be viewed interactively through the council’s Community Mapping system. 

Next stage

All comments submitted will be available to view on our consultation portal following the end of the consultation period. All comments received will be reviewed and any changes arising from the consultation will be made to the draft Local Plan. A Proposed Submission version will be published in 2017 for public consultation. This version of the plan will then be submitted to central government who will appoint an independent planning Inspector to carry out a public examination into the document. 

The Local Development Scheme sets out the timetable for the production of the Local Plan.

Each month we publish a live update of the LDS timetable that sets out the current and next stages of preparation of the Local Plan  

Local Development Scheme (LDS) August 2016

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Timetable for production of Local Plan

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Previous Stages

In January 2016 the council consulted on the Preliminary Draft version of the Local Plan. Consultation ended on 25 February 2016.  All comments can be viewed on the consultation portal

We produced a Key Issues Report which summarised the main issues raised for each section and policy of the Local Pan. These issues have been taken in to consideration during the production of the Further Draft Local Plan.