City centre public realm improvements

Below is a summary of the main projects planned and underway around the city centre.


The latest stage of a multi-million pound project to transform the look and feel of Peterborough city centre is set to get underway July 2018.

Work to revamp Westgate into a more pedestrian-friendly, vibrant shopping street will start on 2 July and see the creation of a new traffic layout, a wider pavement along one side and upgraded lighting. 

The Westgate project is the next jigsaw piece in the council's publib realm strategy, which has so far transformed Bridge Street, Long Causeway, Cathedral Square, St John's Square, Cowgate, Wheelyard and Midgate. 

The work is expected to take around six months to complete and will create a new-look shopping street with high quality paving that anchors North Westgate to the historic core of the city.

Whilst the work is being carried out, public access to businesses in Westgate will remain, but traffic access will be limited. Regular contact has been made with all businesses to determine their delivery requirements and this will continue throughout the scheme. Towards the end of the project a full closure of the street will be required to undertake surfacing operations but this will be well advertised and communicated to all businesses in advance.