Community cohesion

Community cohesion brings groups of people from different faiths, race, cultures, ages and backgrounds together and helps us all get on. Community cohesion allows us to celebrate the best of other cultures, share common values and respect our differences.

Often new arrivals to a city can feel isolated and alone. Peterborough Council for Voluntary Services (PCVS) can help new communities and individuals get in touch with people from your own community or they can help you to develop your own community organisations. If you are part of a community group or are interested in starting one, PCVS will provide ongoing support and training on how to establish, manage and sustain a group with other members of your community.

Festivals of faith and food

Community cohesion strategy

Community cohesion is very easy to take for granted. When we have it, we almost don’t notice it. However, when cohesion is missing, its absence can create a range of social problems from the minor to more serious civil disorder. Community cohesion is both very simple and incredibly complex. It exists everywhere; in our schools, offices, shops and neighbourhoods. Put simply, it is about ensuring different groups of people get on well together. It is not however, just another word for diversity or equality.

Faith audit report

Community Cohesion Strategy

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This audit was commissioned by Peterborough City Council and took place during 2014/15 with the purposes of mapping the location and activities of faith groups in Greater Peterborough; relating these to the wider community; producing a report that would include current statistics, analysis of activities, and suggestions for the future; and producing a database for retention and updating by the city council and for public use.

Faith Audit Report

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Community events 

Every year Peterborough hold various community events from Diwali festivals to the Christmas lights switch on. For further information about these events visit the Community events page.

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