People & Communities' Strategy

Peterborough is one of the fastest growing cities in the country bringing new housing, jobs and opportunities for the people who live here and attracting new residents from across the UK and beyond. As our city flourishes and the needs and demands of our communities change and grow, we will adapt and respond to these by providing high quality and cost effective services.

The way we have previously delivered services, coupled with financial pressures, means that we can no longer meet the increasing demand placed upon the Council. Historically, councils (and other public sector services) have delivered a universal service to all of our residents. Whilst this approach is effective to meet some of our residents’ needs, it can be expensive, inefficient and lack the flexibility to respond to the different requirements that diverse communities face. 

If we are to meet the present and future needs of our city, then we must explore ways of doing things differently.

The council has always worked with communities to understand their needs and jointly develop solutions. In many cases, individuals and communities play a vital role in helping to deliver local services.