Strategic priorities

A new Corporate Strategy 2021 to 2025 has been developed and endorsed by Cabinet to replace the strategic priorities below.

A full period of public consultation will take place on the new strategy after the election in May, before it is taken through Full Council and formally adopted.

Our vision is to create a bigger and better Peterborough that grows the right way, and through truly sustainable development and growth:

  • improves the quality of life of all its people and communities, and ensures that all communities benefit from growth and the opportunities it brings
  • creates a truly sustainable Peterborough, the urban centre of a thriving sub-regional community of villages and market towns, a healthy, safe and exciting place to live, work and visit, famous as the environment capital of the UK.

Our strategic priorities

  1. Drive growth, regeneration and economic development
    • To bring new investment and jobs
    • To support people into work and off benefits
    • To boost the city's economy and the wellbeing of all people
  2. Improve educational attainment and skills
    • To allow people to seize opportunities of new jobs and university provision
    • To keep talent and skills in the city's economy
  3. Safeguard vulnerable children and adults
  4. Implement the Environment Capital agenda
    • To position Peterborough as a leading city in environmental matters
    • To reduce the city's carbon footprint 
  5. Support Peterborough's culture and leisure trust Vivacity
    • To deliver arts and culture to all people
  6. Keep all our communities safe, cohesive and healthy
  7. Achieve the best health and wellbeing for the city

Our core values

Our core values guide the way we treat our customers, partners and each other:

  • Expertise: we recognise and value the differences, skills, knowledge and experience of all our colleagues
  • Trust: we are honest and open in all our dealings and deliver on our promises
  • Initiative: we are proactive and use our creativity to identify and resolve problems
  • Customer Focused: we understand and aim to meet our customers diverse needs, treating them fairly and with respect
  • Work together/One team: we work with colleagues and partners to deliver the best services possible.

Sustainable community strategy 2008 to 2021

Peterborough’s sustainable community strategy is quite simply the plan for the future of our city and the surrounding villages and rural areas.

It is an ambitious and far reaching plan. It aims to substantially improve the quality of life of the people of Peterborough and to raise the profile and reputation of our city as a great place in which to live, visit and work.

This plan is very specifically designed to bring clear benefits to the people of Peterborough. Where we have advantages already, we want to build on them. We will seek to inject quality into everything we do, ensuring that as we build the bigger Peterborough, it is also very much a better Peterborough.

The sustainable community strategy is the plan that will guide the work of all the partners in Peterborough – public, private, voluntary and community. It is also the plan for every individual. We all have a role to play if we are to build a Peterborough that is not only bigger, but very noticeably better – a Peterborough we can be even more proud of.

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