Visitor Economy Strategy 2015-2020

The purpose of this strategy will be for the city council to establish a strategy for how it can best facilitate the development of the visitor economy and achieve progress in support of key corporate policy objectives. It is aligned with and will support delivery of the ONE vision for Peterborough Sustainable Community Strategy, planning policies and the Culture Strategy 2015-2020 (Arts and Heritage).

It has been prepared following a year of development and consultations with key visitor economy partners by City Services and Communications. The alignment of the whole visitor economy and city management approach being adopted will put the city at the cutting-edge of destination development. The inclusion of residents and visitors within the 15-25 mile radius of the city’s region and its urban and rural aspects is a key focus going forward: The creation of an authentic vibrant city, with a high quality of life based on its heritage, environment, culture, and events is an essential part of the overall sustainable development of the economic, environmental and social fabric of the city: our city, our lifestyle, our visitors.  

It was taken to Strong and Supportive Communities Scrutiny Committee on 22 July 2015 and was scheduled for adoption through Cabinet in September.