Apply for a Householders Recycling Centre permit

(you can check the vehicle size restrictions on our Householders Recycling Centre page) 

Please note: If you are hiring a vehicle and do not know the vehicle details, please state 'HIRE' in all relevant fields. Please bring your hire vehicle agreement with you when visiting the Household Recycling Centre.

Please note: it can 3-5 working days for your permit to be delivered so please select a disposal day after the suggested delivery time.

 HRC Agreement Statement
The deposit of commercial or trade waste is illegal, and the Council will seek to identify and where possible prosecute those caught offending. The authority reserves the right to refuse your application where it is considered that the waste is not generated or of the type associated with every day living within your home.

The penalties available for offences under section 33 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 are as follows:

For a summary conviction, the maximum term of imprisonment is twelve months and the maximum available fine is £50,000

For conviction on indictment, the maximum term of imprisonment for offences concerning non-hazardous or hazardous waste is five years.
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