Introduction and Overview

Market Position Statement

The council is committed to building effective and supportive relationships with our local health and social care providers to better meet the needs of our local community and service users.

The Market Position Statement is the first step towards growing a working relationship with the local provider marketplace to ensure better and more effective outcomes for the people of Peterborough.

The Market Position Statement is a tool for providers of health and social care services in Peterborough to understand the current and future needs of service users and our local communities. It will translate key local, regional and national strategic directives to enable organisations to forward plan their services, giving focus to the areas of greater need and priority. The information shared on these pages will assist care and support service providers to effectively plan their provision and identify opportunities for business development in Peterborough based on predicted demand for services.

Key strategic values will be shared with the local provider market to support growth and improvement in practice to ensure high quality care and support services in Peterborough.

Demographic data for current and future local populations will be available to support the identification of the emergent needs of individuals and communities in Peterborough.

Key government priorities are shaping the future requirements of key services at a local level; the Care Act 2014 emphasises key elements including choice and control, independence, prevention and earlier intervention and more personalised services. 

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