Adult Social Care Factsheets

You can find a wealth of information about social care on our Care and Support Directory. Hard copies are also available on request.

The below suite of factsheets about Adult Social Care support in Peterborough are available to download or print.

If you would like any of these factsheets in a different format, such as audio, large print, braille or an alternative language, please contact customer services or email

General information about Adult Social Care support

Help at home and preventative support

A1 - Care Act 2014

Size: 509.62 KB File format: pdf

A - 2 Your Care and Support Assessment

Size: 571.88 KB File format: pdf

A3 - Reablement

Size: 506.17 KB File format: pdf

A4 - Getting independent advice and support

Size: 616.75 KB File format: pdf

A5 - Keeping Yourself Safe

Size: 352.84 KB File format: pdf

A6 - Data Protection

Size: 511.22 KB File format: pdf

A7 - If we cannot contact you

Size: 347.07 KB File format: pdf

B1 - Care and Support Plans

Size: 335.03 KB File format: pdf

B2 - Help around the home

Size: 512.44 KB File format: pdf

B3 - Equipment and adaptations

Size: 508.74 KB File format: pdf

B4 - Preventing Hospital Admission

Size: 348.47 KB File format: pdf

B5 - Getting out and about

Size: 696.39 KB File format: pdf

B6 - Older People's Day Service

Size: 617.99 KB File format: pdf

B7 - Personal Assistants

Size: 507.04 KB File format: pdf

B8 - Care and Repair

Size: 569.43 KB File format: pdf

Money management

Housing and future planning

C1 -Paying for Care at Home

Size: 507.89 KB File format: pdf

C2 - Money management help

Size: 722.50 KB File format: pdf

C3 - Personal Budgets and Direct Payments

Size: 509.24 KB File format: pdf

C4 - Paying for Care in a Care Home

Size: 508.89 KB File format: pdf

D1 - Getting into work

Size: 354.25 KB File format: pdf

D2 - Preparing for retirement

Size: 548.34 KB File format: pdf

D3 - Moving to or from another area

Size: 491.96 KB File format: pdf

D4 - Sheltered and extra care housing

Size: 510.82 KB File format: pdf

D5 - Choosing a care home

Size: 513.37 KB File format: pdf

Information for carers


G1 - Being a carer

Size: 501.72 KB File format: pdf

G3 - Breaks for carers

Size: 509.54 KB File format: pdf

G4 - Carers assessment and eligibility

Size: 535.96 KB File format: pdf

G5- Financial information for carers

Size: 353.51 KB File format: pdf

G6 - Carers rights

Size: 353.66 KB File format: pdf

G7 - Hospital admission and discharge

Size: 516.36 KB File format: pdf

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Assistive Technology Fact Sheets

H1 - Flood Detector

Size: 138.34 KB File format: pdf

H2 - Carbon Monoxide Detector

Size: 140.32 KB File format: pdf

H3 - Falls Detector

Size: 139.82 KB File format: pdf

H4 - Bogus Caller Panic Button

Size: 135.85 KB File format: pdf

H5 - Care Assist Pager

Size: 149.32 KB File format: pdf

H6 - Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

Size: 138.48 KB File format: pdf

H7 - Passive Infrared Light Sensor

Size: 133.06 KB File format: pdf

H8 - Fob and Pager

Size: 163.59 KB File format: pdf

H9 - Day-Clock

Size: 165.29 KB File format: pdf

H10 - Calendar Clock

Size: 222.52 KB File format: pdf

Dementia Fact sheets

Support for people with Dementia

Size: 1.83 MB File format: pdf

Mental capacity and managing money

Size: 1.44 MB File format: pdf

Links to useful external fact sheets 

Fact sheets provided by the Alzheimer's Society

This link will open up a new window to direct you to fact sheets provided by the Alzheimer's Society

'Quality Matters' Fact sheets provided by The Department of Health

The Department of Health and the Care Quality Commission have launched 'Quality Matters' an initiative which aims to improve the quality of adult social care across the UK.  
The initiative sets out a shared commitment to high-quality, person centred adult social care. It has been produced to make a difference in care services by working across the sector with people who use these services and their carers. It has been developed so that:
  • The public – people who use services, families and carers – know what high-quality care looks like and what they have the right to expect.
  • Staff working within adult social care understand what high-quality care looks like and how they can contribute to delivering it.
  • Providers of adult social care share a clear vision and commitment to providing high-quality care.
  • Commissioners and funders of adult social care support the commissioning of high-quality care and high-quality integrated care.
  • National bodies (including regulators and improvement agencies) support integrated working across the system to champion high-quality care. 

Quick Guides - an easy way to access key information from NICE on social care topics

These easy guides provide a quick and easy way to access key information from NICE on social care topics. This link will take you to the following guides.

  • Discussing and planning medicines - A quick guide for home care managers providing medicines and support
  • Understanding Intermediate care, including reablement - A quick guide for people using intermediate care
  • Moving between hospital and home, including care homes - A quick guide for registered managers of care homes and home care
  • Recognising and preventing Delerium - A quick guide for care home managers
  • Improving oral health for adults in care homes - A quick guide for care home managers

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, intersex + (LGBTQI+) and disabled people

Written from the viewpoint of LGBTQI+ Disabled People, this external Information is aimed at LGBTQI+ Disabled People who are or wish to be in charge of their social care support.

It will be also useful for LGBTQI+ Disabled People who have PAs or support workers who work for them.