Reablement means giving people over the age of 18 years old the opportunity, motivation and confidence to relearn or regain some of the skills they may have lost as a consequence of poor health, disability, impairment or accident.

The reablement service provides intensive reablement for people who are in need of support and is available for a maximum of six weeks. 

Reablement offers a chance for you to gain new skills that can help develop and maintain your independence.

As well as the satisfaction people gain from being able to do more things for themselves, input from the reablement service is likely to lead to less need for longer term care and support and often no ongoing care is required.

Reablement Statement of Purpose

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How reablement helps

Reablement services provide help with personal social care, activities of daily living and other practical tasks for a limited time. This is done with the aim of enabling you to develop and regain both confidence and practical skills to carry out these activities independently.

Reablement can help with a range of tasks including:

  • personal care tasks such as washing, dressing and toileting
  • domestic skills such as food and drink preparation, shopping, organising and planning daily routines, using transport and assisting you to manage your laundry
  • encouraging the necessary confidence to manoeuvre. This would include getting up and out of a chair, getting in and out of bed and getting on and off the toilet.

Reablement eligibility

Access to reablement services is through a discussion with a social care professional.

In order to access reablement you will need to be an older person, or someone over 18 years old who has a physical or learning disability.  It will have been identified that you may benefit from assistance with the development of skills for more independent living.

You must also accept that reablement is provided up to a maximum of six weeks (but can be considerably less) and that a longer term care and support plan may need to be considered if you are assessed as having any on-going needs after the period of reablement.

Whilst reablement can support most people, there are some individuals for whom reablement might not be appropriate. 

How reablement works

Trained reablement staff will work with you to ensure that you are supported in your own home and to enable you to safely practice those skills.

We will implement your agreed action plan with you, which will be based upon assessments carried out by a social care worker and other appropriate professionals, such as occupational therapists.

We will also work with you to set achievable goals. These will be based on what is reasonable for you to expect to be able to do for yourself at the end of the reablement service. The goals will be recorded as part of your Goal/Support Plan and kept in your home so that you, your unpaid carers and reablement staff can monitor your achievements and identify new goals to work towards.

To enable you to choose a course of actions that will help you achieve your preferred lifestyle, reablement staff will follow the programme in your goal plan. They will help you to understand and accept that there may be risks to living in the community, but will work towards minimising these and try to ensure that all risks are acceptable. The emphasis for the service will always be to encourage you to do things for yourself.

Apply for reablement

To apply for the reablement service, you will need to contact customer services.

If you still have ongoing care and support needs following the period of reablement, you may be eligible for care and support and we may help toward those costs. You may also be eligible to receive a Personal Budget, which is an amount of money we make available to you to meet your eligible needs.

Reablement service user surveys

At the end of the period of Reablement a decision is taken on whether the individual is able to manage their own care, or if they need on-going care. At this point they are asked to complete a service user survey. The report (see right) shows the results of the Reablement service user surveys returned between April 2016 and March 2017. 

Reablement Survey Annual Report 2016-17

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