Social Care assessment

If you struggle to carry out everyday tasks, you can get support to help you do things easily and safely, which may help you to live independently. 

We can give information and advice to help you find the care and support that you need. We may be able to give you equipment or show you activities that will improve your ability, known as reablement, for up to six weeks free of charge. 

What happens during an assessment

A social care assessment is a simple discussion to find out how much care and support you may need and what options are available to you.

An assessment must be carried out to help us decide whether you need care and support to help with your everyday life. It will be carried out by a trained assessor, such as a social care worker, who will consider things like:

  • your needs and how they impact on your wellbeing - for example, you may need help getting dressed or getting to work
  • the outcomes that matter to you – for example, whether you are lonely and want to make new friends
  • your other circumstances - for example, whether you live alone or whether someone supports you
  • depending on your circumstances, there may be a charge for your support.

The aim of an assessment is to get a full picture of your needs, goals and outcomes of support you may need.

The law says that we must consider other things that could contribute to your outcomes. This might mean offering you a period of reablement, or referring you to a voluntary sector organisation. We are also required to consider the wider needs of your family.

Request an assessment

To request a social care assessment, please contact customer services. If you would prefer to complete a self-assessment we will offer you support to do so.