Breaks and emergency support for carers

Emergency support 

The Emergency Support for Carers Service is in place to help carers of adults if an emergency arises. You may register for Emergency Support for Carers Service by clicking the button below.

The purpose of this service is to arrange temporary replacement care for someone who is dependent on a carer for providing ‘necessary care’

The service is for a maximum of 48 hours (longer if the emergency happens over a bank holiday or weekend period) and, for those in eligible circumstances, support is free of charge. The service will normally take place in the home of the adult being cared for. 

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from being added to the Emergency Support for Carers Service please contact customer services or email

The service can offer peace of mind by providing a service during such unplanned events as: 

  • a carer being admitted to hospital or having other urgent health needs
  • there being a family emergency (for example, if a close relative is taken ill)
  • there being a risk to the carer’s employment on a particular occasion; or
  • a carer needing to attend the funeral of a close friend or relative.

Support for carers

There is a wide range of support available to carers around Peterborough, such as:

Carers Register

Carers may sign up to recieve helpful information about news services, carers related events and 6-monthly carers newsletter. To sign up please email or contact customer services.

Family Carers Prescription 

Family carers of any age can approach their GP for a prescription that provides access to a specialist worker at Carers Trust Peterborough, who will support you, offer information and advice and work with you to design a short break from your caring responsibilities.

Carers UK 

A national charity who are there to listen, give you expert information and advice that's tailored to your situation, to champion your rights and to support you in finding new ways to manage at home, at work, or wherever you are. 

Carers Direct (NHS Choices) 

Can advise about options available to you. They can give you information to help you make decisions about your personal support needs and the needs of the person you are looking after. This information includes assessments, benefits, direct payments, individual budgets, time off and maintaining, leaving or going back to work or education. 

Respite services

If someone relies on you to look after them, making time for yourself is not always easy. Sometimes it can be as hard to get away for an appointment at the bank or dentist as it is take a few hours a day away from your caring role. For more information on our respite services please contact customer services.


Abuse can happen anywhere - in a care home, in someone's own home, in a hospital, in the workplace, at a day centre or educational establishment, in supported housing or in the street. If you have a concern, suspicion or allegation that a child or adult is being subjected to harm, abuse or neglect you can access further information and advice via our Safeguarding webpages.