Carers assessment and eligibility

Carers assessment

As a carer, you are entitled to an assessment regardless of the amount or type of care you provide, your financial means or your level of need for support.

You can have an assessment whether or not the person you care for has already undertaken an individual needs assessment, regardless of the outcome.

Use the carers assessment form to request an assessment.


In order to make an eligibility determination, we will need to establish how your desired outcomes fit with the specified outcomes in the eligibility criteria. There are three questions we will have to consider in making our decision:

  • are your needs the result of you providing necessary care?
  • does your caring role have an effect on you?
  • is there, or is there likely to be, a significant impact on your wellbeing? 

If you answer is Yes to all the above questions, then you have eligible needs. If you have needs caused by providing necessary care, we must consider whether:

  • your physical or mental health is, or is at risk of, getting worse
  • you are unable to achieve at least one of the following outcomes;
    • look after any children you have responsibilities for
    • provide care to any other person
    • maintain your home in a fit and proper state
    • eat properly and maintain proper nutrition
    • maintain and develop your relationships with family and friends
    • take part in any education, training, work or volunteering 
    • make use of necessary facilities or services in the local community
    • have time for social activities, hobbies, etc.

In considering whether or not you can achieve the above outcomes, the Care Act says we must take into account any difficulties you have. You will be considered unable to achieve the outcome if you:

  • need assistance to achieve the outcome
  • can achieve the outcome unaided but experience pain, distress or anxiety; or
  • can achieve the outcome unaided but doing so endangers, or may endanger your or another person’s health and safety.