Support around the home

Help around the home

When you are living at home you may need some help with your everyday tasks such as:

  • washing
  • dressing
  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • home and garden maintenance
  • managing finances

If you need help, we can assess your needs and eligibility to give you advice and information about what help is available. Advice is also available about keeping warm and well.

You may wish to visit AskSara, an independent website that provides useful guidance on products and ideas which may help you complete tasks around your home.  

Taking medication

Forgetting to take your medication or taking it incorrectly may put your health at risk. If you are finding it difficult to take your medication every day there are ways to help:

  • if you are receiving care that includes daily visits to your home, your care workers will help make sure that you always take the right medication at the right time. They will keep a written record and may be able to collect repeat prescriptions from your doctor or chemist
  • if you don’t have a social care worker, there are ways in which your local chemist can help you to remember what medication you should be taking. Speak to your chemist and they will provide you with advice and support to help you take your medication correctly
  • you can help yourself to remember by keeping a diary or planner and tick off each dose as you take it.


Our hot meals service, provided by ICare, can a deliver a daily hot meal and dessert to people in their own homes, all year round between 12 noon and 2 pm. We can also arrange to supply you with frozen meals and a microwave oven if needed. Anyone who lives in Peterborough can apply.

Additional services are a home shopping service and a sandwich pack delivered with the hot meal ready for tea time.

You can find out more on ICare's website.

Home care guidance

A guideline provided by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) covers the planning and delivery of care for older people living independently in their own home. The guideline aims to promote independence and to ensure safe and consistent home care services for older people. The guideline is for:

  • Health and social care practitioners
  • Home care provider organisations
  • Home care managers and workers
  • Older people using or planning to use home care services, and their carers.

View the full NICE guideline on home care.