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To help you develop your skills and access employment, training or volunteering opportunities, your Personal Adviser will support you in making an informed decision about your future career path and ensuring you are financially supported where required.

  • If you have been given an interview for a job, let your Personal Adviser know, we will pay for a haircut and interview clothing prior to the interview.
  • We will also provide you with £5 to purchase stationery and £15 to purchase a college/work bag.
  • Other options for transport are available through charities such as the Kickstart Moped Scheme, to help reduce barriers of getting to and from work.


A Traineeship is a 12-week programme for 16-24 year-olds which combines the study of English and Maths with high-quality work experience with an employer. It is intended to lead on to an apprenticeship or full-time employment. They are offered by specialist training providers or through local colleges.


This is a great way to learn a job whilst being paid. If you follow this route you will be supported by the £1,000 care leaver bursary for new apprentices. It is important to ensure that, by undertaking an apprenticeship, you will not be financially disadvantaged, so we will do an assessment of your outgoings and may offer help towards your rent, council tax, equipment-related expenses, etc.

If your Apprenticeship is arranged through a college you will still have Personal Education Plan (PEP) and/or Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) meetings to discuss your progress.

Find out more about apprenticeships at the apprenticeships-guide.


  • If you are starting work we will help you to access any assistance that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) provide such as clothing allowance or help with travel costs. If you require a DBS check to start your job we may fund this for you.
  • If you are job hunting, let your Personal Adviser know and they will provide you with a job hunting pack. You may also be to access face-to-face advice and support from the Education, Training and Employment Coordinator.

If you are over 18 and claiming certain benefits you will be expected to use the Universal job match as part of your job hunting. Your Job Centre work coach will set you up with a log-in and show you how to apply for jobs through the site. We will liaise with the local Job Centres to ensure that they know you are a Care Leaver and that you are offered appropriate training and job opportunities.

If you are working and expecting a baby you have the right to time off to attend ante-natal appointments and you cannot be dismissed due to your pregnancy. You can choose when your maternity leave begins any time after you are 29 weeks pregnant (11 weeks before your due date). Your employer will be expected to keep your job open for you to return after your maternity leave. Check out your rights on the Maternity Action website.

A personal allowance will be paid to any young person who is living in semi-independent accommodation; the rate will be the equivalent to universal credits (DWP benefit levels for their age).

However, if the young person is working or in a training program for which they receive payment then their financial support will be reviewed to reflect earnings, however, we do not want to put you off work, so we will ensure that you earn at least £100 per week, which might be made up of some salary and some subsistence payments.


There are opportunities throughout Cambridgeshire to volunteer and gain valuable life skills and experience. This can be very rewarding and the skills and experience you pick up can make you much more employable and help you get a job in the future. Even if it is only a few hours a month it is still worth doing.

For further information on opportunities to volunteer for the council or in the local community please see the Cambridgeshire County Council volunteering page.