The Early Help approach in Peterborough

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In Peterborough, we believe in working with families and communities to provide children and young people with firm foundations in life so they can be happy and healthy, build resilience, achieve their aspirations and simply ‘be their best’.

We always aim to provide help for children and families early in life and early in the development of a problem.

The pdf's below are of a leaflet that explains how you can find out about the support available for you and your family and how to get the help you need. They are also translated in to several languages.

Please note that support can come from Education, Health Visitors or Housing Support Workers.  Whereas Education is a very broad category, Health Visitors and Housing Support Workers are very specific.  It would be better to interpret the icons in the leaflet as saying Education, Health and Housing.

Early Help Privacy and Consent Statement

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Positive Parenting - Support with managing your child's behaviour

Parenting is not easy and when a child's behaviour is having a negative effect on the family environment, it can seem like the hardest job in the world.

Read the newsletter 'Positive Parenting - support with managing your child's behaviour' to find out more.

Positive Parenting newsletter

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As part of the Early Help process, families may need support with some of the following needs. Each need has its own page within the Early Help section with more information. 

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Families with a range of health problems

  • Poor health or complex health needs (mental or physical)
  • Child or young person with special educational needs
  • Concern about a child's weight or poor diet
  • Eating disorder
  • Unsafe or sexualised behaviour
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Alcohol or substance abuse 
  • Bereavement
  • Poor emotional well-being or low self esteem
  • Behavioural problems at home
  • Parents/carers needing support 

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Attendance or behavioural problems 

  • School attendance concerns
  • Challenging behaviour at school
  • Accessing alternative provision due to behavioural problems
  • Exclusion
  • Missing from education

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Unemployment and hardship

  • Financial issues
  • Inadequate or inappropriate housing
  • Homelessness 
  • Young person not in employment, education or training (NEET)

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Families affected by domestic abuse  

  • Support for families
  • Support for perpetrators

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Families involved with crime

  •  Anti social behaviour
  • Young person at risk of offending or committing offences
  • Young person involved in gang activity 
  • Young person with racist, extremist or radical views
  • Children affected by parental imprisonment

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Children who need help

  •  Neglect and child abuse 
  • Step down from Children’s Social Care
  • Child missing from home
  • Child/young person at risk of sexual exploitation/grooming
  • Family breakdown
  • Young carer in need of support

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