Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice for visitors

Be Smart, Stay Apart, Thank You - Shopping advice

  • Social distancing measures will be in place - Social distancing of two metres will be in place, or one metre plus, with risk mitigations.
  • Check opening times - Check that the business you plan to visit is open and check opening times before you go.
  • Visit local - To limit your interaction with others we recommend that you visit businesses that are local to you. This will also help businesses which employ city residents and benefit our local economy to bounce back following Covid-19.
  • Toilet facilities - Be aware there are reduced toilet facilities in the city centre at this time. The bus station toilets will be closed. The toilets in Queensgate on Level 1 will be fully operational including baby changing, ladies/gents and disabled with increased cleaning. The Car Haven toilets will be fully open from Mon-Fri (8am-5pm) and Sat/Sun (10am-4pm), including ladies/gents, disabled and a specially adapted changing places facility.
  • Walk or cycle short distances - It’s easier and safer to walk or cycle short distances, rather than relying on public transport. To help you do this, we're introducing pop-up cycle lanes, wider pavements, more bicycle storage and are investigating non-touch traffic crossings in the city centre.
  • Practice good hand hygiene - Wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds and use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available. Read further information online.
  • If travelling by bus, check times before you leave and wear a face covering - Check for the latest bus timetables on the Travelchoice website before you travel. New Government legislation has made it compulsory to wear a face covering on public transport. Face coverings should not be used by children under the age of 3 or those who may find it difficult to manage them correctly. For example, primary age children unassisted, or those with respiratory conditions.
  • If travelling by taxi or private hire - Make sure you check with the operator if face coverings are expected to be worn. The Government have not made it mandatory that face coverings be worn when travelling in taxis and private hires, but the operators of the vehicles may insist on them.
  • Do not attend if you or your household are suffering from Covid-19 symptoms - If you or anyone in your home have related symptoms or are suffering from Covid-19 you must not leave your home.
  • Check booking policies (subject to tier restrictions) - The government now requires pubs, bars and restaurants to take contact details of their customers. This means that some will not be allowing walk-ins and may require you to book your visit in advance. Check with the business you plan to visit before coming into the city centre to avoid disappointment.
  • Avoid peak times and expect queuing (subject to tier restrictions) - All pubs, bars and restaurants will have a maximum number of customers they can allow in their establishment and a limited space for queuing. You may be asked to return later if it is busy. To try and avoid this we ask residents to arrive promptly for pre-booked visits.

How we are making your journey safe

  • Covid-19 Risk Assessments - All businesses and public areas have been asked to complete the Government’s Covid-19 risk assessment and to display this in their windows. This includes measures such as one-way systems, reduced footfall/seating, closed changing rooms, counter screens and a raft of new measures to ensure the safety of both staff and customers. The council’s regulatory services team will be monitoring this over the coming weeks. Further information is available online.
  • Enhanced street cleaning - Aragon Direct Services are continuing with a regular hot wash of the city centre and a daily cleanse of all benches, bins and other high touch points.
  • St Peter’s Arcade will be closed - Following a Covid-19 risk assessment, the railings and limited space available in accessing the arcade from St Peter’s Road, St Peter’s Arcade is temporarily closed. This will also allow the Argo Lounge to expand into the arcade and onto the Bridge Street.
  • Highway changes to allow more people to walk and cycle into the city (all of the following are temporary changes in line with Covid-19):
    • Cowgate - We have written to all businesses on Cowgate to discuss proposals for parking bays being suspended to allow more room for pedestrians and businesses.
    • Broadway - The parking bays near Westgate have been suspended to allow more room for pedestrians and cyclists. Upper Broadway (Northminster to Burghley Square) will have parking bays suspended and pop-up cycle lanes installed.
    • Cattle Market Road - From 15 June, parking bays suspended to allow more room for pedestrians.
    • City Road - A pop-up cycle lane will be installed between St Johns and Northminster (westbound only).
    • Crescent Bridge - A temporary pop-up cycle lane will open on Crescent Bridge this Thursday night. The cycle lane will occupy one of the road lanes so Crescent Bridge will change from three lanes to two lanes for vehicles. This will be monitored for its impact on congestion.
    • Cross Street and King Street - Looking at options to close these roads to through traffic and have written to all the businesses to discuss this proposal.
    • Priestgate and Wentworth Street - These roads will become one-way with parking bays suspended.
  • Buses
    • The main bus station in Queensgate will be open with a one-way system in place, calling for people to keep left and other social distancing measures, including reduced seating and a limit on people using the lift at the same time. Toilets will remain closed at the moment.
    • The temporary bus station at Ackland Street which is open-air will remain open.
  • Parking - Council-owned car parks will continue to be free of charge until 13 July 2020.