Coronavirus (COVID-19) Financial advice and support


If your earnings have reduced or you are on a low income you may be able to claim further financial assistance in a number of ways. This can include, amongst other reasons, those on zero hour contracts, self-employed and temporary workers. 

Support to self-isolate

It's really important that people who are asked to self-isolate do so to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Lots of support is available to you if you need help to self-isolate. This might be a financial grant or support to access medicine or food.

Find out more about support to self-isolate.

Universal Credit

You may be able to claim additional support from the DWP from Universal Credit. This provides assistance with day to day living costs, and has replaced the following former benefits; Jobseekers Allowance, Income Support, Tax Credits, Employment and Support Allowance and Housing Benefit.

For further information and to claim, please go to the Universal Credit page on the GOV.UK website.

Help with rent

For most people of working age you can receive assistance with your rent if you are on a low or no income through Universal Credit (see above). For those of pension age assistance is claimed through Housing Benefit from the council.

Further information is available on the Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support page, if you want to claim Universal Credit please go directly to the Universal Credit page on the GOV.UK website

If the amount of support you are receiving from Universal Credit or Housing Benefit is not sufficient to meet your full rental costs we do also have a limited discretionary fund that may also be able to help you.

Full information as well as how to claim can be found on the Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support page. You must have first claimed, and be in receipt of, either Universal Credit with the Housing element or Housing Benefit.

Help with Council Tax

Assistance with council tax is provided by the council through the local Council Tax Support scheme.

For further information or to make a claim please go to the Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support page.

Further information on additional support for council tax costs can be found on the Council Tax forms and discounts page.

In addition to these measures we would also urge any resident who is struggling to pay their Council Tax to contact our teams at the earliest opportunity to discuss their case as options we can consider will depend on the specific circumstances.

We can consider offering a payment plan, review recovery actions being taken or placing short term hold on accounts to allow for such things as Universal Credit and Council Tax Support applications to be determined. Each case will be reviewed on its individual merits.

Our teams can be contacted on 01733 452258, or if the account has already reached a recovery stage 01733 452651, and by email to